Happy yesterday!

You may have felt that my warm St Valentine’s Day wishes were conspicuous by their absence yesterday. This isn’t because I’m an incredibly grumpy individual, although I do find the way that 80% of chocolate packaging turns heart shaped just after New Year to be a little nauseating. Rather, it’s because I find it a little odd to blanket well-wish the Internet as a whole in honour of someone who’s managed to get a name as the patron saint of lovers.

However, today I stumbled upon a Valentine’s related item that it would be wrong not to share with you fine people. Let me explain.

I’m not always convinced by the practice of yarnstorming, that is, covering something in a bit of knitting or crochet. I’ve had some bad experiences with amateurish attempts. On one occasion, I honestly wasn’t sure whether I was in the eye of the yarn storm or a series of kind strangers had picked up odd gloves and placed them helpfully on railings after a downpour to make them more noticeable, should someone come back looking for them. Sad times.

Today, though, I found out about some yarnstorming that really made me smile. The work in question is an epic piece of street art contrived by the stormers at Knit The City and installed on Eros in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

a sorry sight

(image from travel-magazine-uk.com)

Just look how boring the statue is generally! Sure, it’s pretty grand, I guess, and you can pose in front of it…

me and two visitors to London emulating Eros pose in front of the statue itself

Nevertheless, it really does benefit from the yarny dressing up it got yesterday!

Understandably, Knit The City ask that people don’t use their images willy nilly, but head over to their post about the Vally’s Day storming for a whole lot of lovely in pictures!


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